Foliar And Soil Improvers

Eco Organic WP

Eco Organic WP is a water-soluble bio-stimulant produced by hydrolysis of natural protein. The aminogram a natural balanced amino acid composition is proof of the absence of any synthesis of free amino acids. Free amino acids absorbed by the plant leaf and tissues are the starting material for the natural synthesis of a variety of essential proteins and sugar.

Liter Type:

100 Gm, 250 Gm


8 - 9


Vegetable, Horticulture

Declared content

Content %w/w
Total Amino Acids 35
Total Carbon (C) 25
Carrier QS
Total 100

Stage Of Application

Stage level 1

Stage level 2

Stage level 3

Stage level 4

Stage level 5

Foliar Application

Crop Dosis Stage of application
Vegetable 1 -1.5 Gm / Ltr -
Horticulture 1 -1.5 Gm / Ltr -

Fertirrigation Application

Crop Dosis Stage of application
Vegetables 250 Gm / Acre` -
Horticulture 250 Gm / Acre -
; ;