Foliar Gel Fertilizers

Eco Denso 18-17-18

Eco Denso is a NPK fertilizer with microelements, rich and well balanced in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, that also contains the main microelements, in chelated or mineral form. Generally it can be used in any crop.

Liter Type:

100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L, 20 L




Olive, Fruit trees, Citrus, Horticultural crops, Vine, Industrial crops

Declared content

Content %w/w
Total Nitrogen (N) 13.1
Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) 12.6
Potassium oxide (K2O) 13.1
Chelated Micronutrients -
Ammonia Nitrogen (N) 11.3
Moisture 0.5
Total 100

Stage Of Application

Stage level 1

Stage level 2

Stage level 3

Stage level 4

Stage level 5

Foliar Application

Crop Dosis Stage of application
Olive, Fruit trees, Citrus 2.5-5 ml/Ltr
Horticultural crops 1-3 ml/Ltr
Vine, Industrial crops 2-3 ml/Ltr

Fertirrigation Application

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