Special Biostimulants

Eco Vital Serie Oro

Eco vital sere oro is a liquid biostimulant produced by hydrolysis of natural regenerative protein. The natural balance of total and free amino acids displayed in the aminogram is proof for the absence of any synthesis free amino acids and the evidence for Eco Vital Sere Oro naturalness. It incorporates a Chlorophyll activator. It is a quickly absorbed and high-effective nutrient in herbaceous crops as well as ligneous ones. It stimulates the root, flowering, seed/fruit setting and ripening processes. It has an important influence on the regulation of the water balance, which is very important for the no irrigated crops or crops of restricted irrigation like olive trees, almond trees, etc. As well as it make easiest the assimilation of mineral foliar fertilizers.

Liter Type:

100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L, 20 L




Citrus, Fruit trees, Olive trees, Vine, Vegetable

Declared content

Content %w/w
Total Amino Acids 40
Total Carbon (C) 22
Aqua QS
Total 100

Stage Of Application

Stage level 1

Stage level 2

Stage level 3

Stage level 4

Stage level 5

Foliar Application

Crop Dosis Stage of application
Citrus, Fruit trees 1.5 - 2 ml / Ltr Pre-Flowering, petals fall and fruit set
Olive trees 2 - 3 ml / Ltr Pre-Flowering, petals fall and fruit set
Vegetable 1.5 - 2 ml / Ltr Vegetation beginning and pre-flowering
Almond trees 2 ml / Ltr Beginning, flowering and one month later

Fertirrigation Application

Crop Dosis Stage of application
General Apply 20 - 40 L / Ha divided in 3 - 4 irrigation
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