Who We Are

Econs Crop Protection Pvt. Ltd. is founded in 2010 and is into Business of Marketing, Distribution & Supporting of Agriculture products like Gel, Soluble Fertilizer and Specialty Products. We have been associated with well-established European Companies, Importing products and Marketing & selling them across many states (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh) in INDIA.

Our goal is to provide high quality products to our customers at cost effective prices. We have young & enthusiastic team of professional who work passionately with farmers and provide maximum assistance to get most outcome with minimum efforts.

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Our Services


Our young & enthusiastic team enriched with agriculture expertise is capable enough to guide you in right direction with right use of products at right time


Econs Crop has always believed in providing high quality products to end farmers and for that we invest valuable time & best resources to get right choice of products for you.


Our vision is to sell good products at cost effective prices leading farmers earn most out of their crops. We encourage our customers to use our products effectively & maximize their profits.


We are 24 by 7 available in case you need us. We will be there to solve your questions be it how to, usage guidelines, operations & safety. Call us anytime!e


Featured Products

Ecofol Denso Verde

Foliar NPK fertiliser with micronutrients and optimal equilibrium for the stage of vegetative development. Increases and accelerates the crop growth.

Ecofol Denso Equilibrado

Foliar NPK fertiliser with micronutrients, rich and balanced in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Optimal for any crop and any stage.

Ecofol Denso Ca - Mg

Foliar NPK fertiliser with Ca, Mg and micronutrients and optimal equilibrium for complementing crop nutrition in all stages.

Eco Mojante

Non-ionic surfactant with wetting power 2. Improves the permeability of the active materials used in the treatments.

Eco Desno Rojo

Foliar NPK fertiliser with micronutrients and optimal equilibrium for the stages of fruit development and ripening. Increase fruit size, quality and coloring.

Eco Denso Fosfatado

Foliar NPK fertiliser with micronutrients and optimal nutritional equilibrium the stages of flowering and fruit set. Increase bud development and flower fertility.

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